अँजोरिया पर अर्थ दिहल शब्द, रिश्तन के नाम, आ कुछ क्रिया

एह शब्दन े धीरे धीरे सही जगहा पर धइल जाई.
लेहन means Loan
while लेहना means Fodder
हथफेर/पँइचा means small borrowings without formality or interest.
उधार/र्जा means formal loans usually with interest and after providing security.
सूद/ब्याज means interest.
सूदखोर means someone who lives on interests earned.
महाजन means someone doing a business of loan giving.
गिरवी means something given in security for a loan.
मनगुपुते means secretely
खदकत means boiling.
पात फोड़ा means rising abscess.
बनिया means small shopkeeper.
बिघिन means disturbance.
चमटोल means colony of leather-workers.
लेहना means fodder.
लेहन means loan
ओसारा means extension of roof.
बुतात means cooling down.
उड़ means small fire to get warmth.
खोरत बा means to stirr.
हँरत means in agony.
मनसायन means pleasant atmosphere.
अहरा means small fire for cooking.
घाठी-लिट्टी means stuffed cakes, a special Bhojpuria dish.
घुसुर गइल means buried inside.
बेंवत means capacity to afford.
लूर means skill.
संतोख means satisfaction.
गील means happy in anticipation, lubricating, salivating.
भठा देब means to destroy some one.
मामर हेठ रब means to insult some one.
गोटी सेट रब means to set ones pieces for achieving something.
बोटी means piece of meat.
परसों means day after tomorrow/yesterday.
नरसों means two days after tomorrow/yesterday.
बिछिली means slippery.
सभत्तर means everywhere.
बिछलाई means to slip.
बेर्हल means to rob.
डाढ़ा means hunger-pangs.
चिचिरी means line.
भउर means furnace.
दइब means God.
रम means fate.
ठकुराई means to serve ones master.
फरियाई means to settle a dispute/deal.
जवन जुरी आँटी means whatever one can afford.
रार बेसाहे खातिर means to settle scores.
दूभर means difficult to bear.
खदकावत means to boil.
सेर सभे means everyone is heavy
सभे सवाई means everyone is heavier.
नवहन means young generation, teenagers.
ुरबझाव means dog-fight.
टोी means to interrupt.
ुँचवाई means to get crushed.
सबुर means patience.
नट्टिन means circus-girl.
छिछियाई means to crawl with lust.
अपने जामल means own progeny, offspring
तृस्ना means lust for more.
अंदेसा means nagging fear, apprehension.
फरियाई means to do justice.
रुन्हाय means to surround with.
सुरसती means Saraswati, Goddess of learning and arts.
ण्ठे सुरवा means voice and rhythm.
सहइया means helping for.
लुब लुब means tempted for something.
नीमिया रे रूवाइन means the bitter Margosa tree.
नीनि means sleep.
निहा दिन से means for many days.
उचटि गइल means vanished.
अजगुत means something abnormal.
हेले लागेला means to cross-over.
हित-नात means relatives.
जनमतुवा means neonat.
असकतियाये लागेले means hesitates.
अजिया means grandmother.
महतारी means mother.
सवदगर means tasty.
निनरबन means dream-forest.
ननिअउरा means mother’s parental home.
टिया means harvesting.
टाँड़ means raised border around the farms.
रहिला means a variety of gram.
बोा means idiot.
सोझ बउक means sipmpleton.
बकवास means nonsense.
चुटपुटिहा means small talk that fits
तम्मू means Tent or canopy
भगई means Loin cloth, a small peice of cloth.
दीया means an open earthen lamp
दीयरखा means space in the wall to keep the lamp.
मोमबत्ती means Candle.
लालटेन means Lantern.
ढिबरी means small bottle shaped lamp
पटाखा means Cracker
फुलझड़ी means Kind of attractive firework which appears as if flowers are falling from it.
खील means parched raw-rice
मूढ़ी means parched rice
बताशा means small sugar-cakes
अँइचा means squint
अँइछल means a kind of sorcery
अँइठन means colick,twist
अँइठल means to twist
अँइठाइल means twisted
अँउघी means sleep
अँउघाईल means sleepy
अँउजा means worthless
अँउजाइल means worried, irritated
अँउजारि means problem, irritating
बेहयाई means shamelessness.
दोगलई means double talk.
दोगला means bastard.
बेंवत means capacity or ability to do something.
बेत/बेति means member of a family.
This word is derived from व्यक्ति or individual but is limited to members of a family or a close group.
चांचर पुल means a bridge made by cut pieces of bamboo joined or tied togather. This is local contraption made from locally available materials to cross over a small rivulate.
बूनी means drizzle as different from बरखा, a proper rain.
हु्लियावे means to poke.
ठेहुन means knee.
लउण्डा means gay, usually male dancers who perform as female, homosexuals.
राँड़ि means widow.
चहेट े means after a chase.
िरिया समारोह means oath ceremony. This is also used for the last ceremonial rites after death.
सकार लिहल means to accept.
छरियाईल means creating a tantrum to get something.
उपरी बेरा means afternoon.
टेटूआ means adam’s apple.
टेटूआ दबावल means to throttle someone to kill.
टेंट means pocket.
टींट means nipple.
आकुर-बाुर means something irrelevant, or spoken in haste without thinking.
घोरमट्ठा means something spoilt.
बढ़ोतरी means incement, raise, advancement etc.
बो means wife of. For example, भोला बो means wife of Bhola.
पीसे means to grind. Usually spices are grinded on a stone block in rural kitchens.
अगमजानी means someone who can foresee future events.
राँड़ means widow.
Whereas राड़ means a bully.
बुतड़ू means kids.
बच्चादानी means uterus.
मजगर means strong, efficient, tough
टँगड़ी ना फँसाई.means will not interfere.
ढिमला गईल means fell down, tumbled.
पेटबथी means pain abdomen.
बथी means pain.
ठनका means thunder storm.
झँउसल means charred with fire or heat.
थेथर means obstinate who is hard to convince.
थुथुर means some one who is used to being thrashed.
चरा े means after being crushed.
However चरा also means rubbish.
सेराहे means very early.
ुबेरा means at odd time.
अबेर से means late.
सबेर से means early.
बोलहटा means summons.
दीया means an open earthen lamp
दीयरखा means space in the wall to keep the lamp.
मोमबत्ती means Candle.
लालटेन means Lantern.
ढिबरी means small bottle shaped lamp
पटाखा means Cracker
फुलझड़ी means Kind of firework as if flowers are falling from it.
खील means parched raw-rice
मूढ़ी means parched rice
बताशा means small sugar-cakes

Words for relatives

Father – बाप, बाबूजी
Mother – माई, महतारी
Brother – भाई,
Elder Brotherभईया
Sister – बहिन,
Elder Sister दीदी
Father’s brother – चाचा, ा, लाला
Mother’s brother – मामा
Father’s Sister – फूआ
Father’s Sister’s husband – फूफा
Elder Brother’s wife – भउजी
Younger Brother’s wife – भवह, भवे
Elder sister’s husband – जीजा, बहनोई
Younger sister’s husband – पाहुन, बहनोई
Husband’s elder brother – भसुर, जेठ
Husband’s younger brother – देवर
Wife’s brother – सार, साला
Wife’s Sister – साली
Husband’s Sister – ननद
Husband’s Sister’s Husband – ननदोई, ननदोसी
Wife’s/Husband’s Father – ससुर
Wife’s/Husband’s Mother – सासु, सास
Husband – दुलहा, पति, मरद, भतार
Wife – दुलहिन, मेहरारू, पत्नी, मउगी
Grandfather – दादा
Maternal Grandfather – नाना
Grandmother – दादी
Maternal Grandmother – नानी
Son’s Son – पोता
Son’s Daughter – पोती
Daughter’s Son – नाती
Daughter’s Daughter – नतिनी
Mother’s brother’ wife – मामी

Some common verbs

To come – आईल़
To go – गईल
To play – खेलल
To run – दउड़ल
To eat – खाईल
To drink – पिअल
To read – पढ़ल
To teach – पढ़ावल
To study – पढ़ाई ईल
To write – लिखल
To speak – बोलल, भाषण दीहल
To argue – बहस ईल
To sit – बईठल
To seat – बईठावल
To sleep – सूतल
To lie down – लेटल
To cook – पकावल
To boil – उसीनल. उबालल
To fry – भूंजल, छानल
To chop – ाटल
To grind – पीसल
To mix – फेंटल
To break – तूड़ल
To tear – फाड़ल
To bark – भूं
To bite – हबकल, ाटल
To send – भेजल
To receive – पावल
To believe – भरोसा ईल, विश्वास ईल
To deceive – धोखा दिहल
To tease – रिगावल
To annoy – पिनकावल
To sip – चूसल
To chew – चबावल
To lick – चाटल
To wander – बउखल
To continue ….चालू रही ….

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  1. Grandfather – दादा , बाबा
    Wife’s Younger Sister – साली
    Wife’s elder Sister – सरहज

    ओ.पी जी एगो सलाह बा.. साईट पे एगो हिंदी टाइप करे वाला विडगेट add कई देहि.. ता सदस्य लोगन का योगदान करे मई आसानी होई


    1. admin says:

      Sorry Praneet Jee,

      Wife’s elder sister too is साली.
      सरहज is the wife of the brother of one’s wife, or बीबी के भउजाई

  2. vashistha says:

    very usefull its good for knowledge

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