Bhojpuri language is a member of Indo-Aryan family of languages which in turn belongs to Indo-europian group of languages.

Development of Bhojpuri started with Vaidiki and took the path of Sanskrit, Paali, Prakrut, Apabhransha, and ends at Shaursaini branch of Avahatta.

Basically it originated as a language of Ara Ballia Chapra and later expanded to Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, Eastern U.P., western Bihar, Jharkhand, and south Nepal. In addition to these localities Bhojpuri speakers are present in many countries too.

As Bhojpuri is primarily used as a spoken language it has wide variations just like the English in seventeenth century. With the advent of printing English became uniform all over, even then there are distinct varieties of English spoken in USA and Australia. So it is but natural that Bhojpuri has varieties in its uses in different parts of the world., the first website in Bhojpuri, has always tried its best to work as a model of Bhojpuri. Its efforts are directed towards bringing uniformity in Bhojpuri and this grammar was published in 2004 on

2 thoughts on “Grammar

  1. Ramesh Persaud says:

    Could you do an english translation of the grammar. I can read the devanagri script, but I need the translation in English to understand. Further, do you know if a grammar text of Bhojpuri in English has been written and published? I should like to get a copy.

    1. admin says:

      I will be doing it, but as I have to work single handed it will be done in installments painfully delayed. Further I don’t know of any Bhojpuri grammar written in English. Dr.Sarita Buddhu of Mauritius may be of some help to you.
      Thanks for your query.

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